The 5 most common mistakes people make when packing for a Move

When moving to a new house, either in the same city or across the lines, packing is one of the most tedious tasks, and most people find it overwhelming. Because of that stress, they also make mistakes and damage their belongings.

It may be stressful to pack your valuable belongings, but you cannot just throw them aimlessly into boxes and hitch them up to a truck or trailer. Packing your belongings correctly with help from professional furniture removalists can help you avoid this madness.

To make your move super easy and enjoyable, we have compiled a list of a few mistakes you should avoid when moving house. So, let’s take a look at some of them:

Common Mistakes

Packing is a lot more than just putting your stuff in a box. Packing requires a lot of planning on when to start, how to pack, and how to guard your delicate belongings safely without making any mistakes. Here are some common packing mistakes that most people make and you should always avoid.

Waiting Until the Last minute

One of the most prominent mistakes people make when planning to move is they take packing as an easy task and think they will readily do it a day or two before moving. If you are a person who also tends to puts things off until the last minute, you’ll fall behind on packing everything. Furthermore, you may miss other admin tasks, such as changing your address with your utilities and service providers.

  • Plan Ahead: As soon as you get this confirmation you are moving, start planning your move. Make a list of belongings you have, then sort things you want to keep with you or want to donate or sell. Also, plan how you are going to start packing. 

While it may seem easy to put everything together in a big box, we do not recommend it. List the rooms that need to be packed up first. Mark boxes with the room they belong to when packing them. In this manner, you can systematically go through your list and check off items. Isn’t it a good idea?

  • Start Packing Early: Start packing as early as possible, and we recommend no less than a month before a moving day. 

It is only you who knows how much stuff you have, so along with your list from the previous step, you need to start tackling each room one at a time since accumulating all of your possessions did not happen overnight, and neither will packing at this point.

Using Wrong Sized Boxes

Another big mistake most homeowners make is using any random box to pack stuff. Although it’s a good idea to reuse old boxes, they usually don’t do uniform packing.

Picking up a random box and putting anything into it without considering whether it is packed compactly is a mistake. Things that are loosely packed can get damaged during transit, especially if they are fragile.

Pack all your items nicely and securely, especially delicate decor, and cushion them with foam or newspaper so they can not move. As, during transit, they’ll be bumped around a bit, so making sure they’re well-padded will ensure they arrive intact.

Using Inappropriate Or Low Quality Packing Material

Another mistake people make is not considering the quality and purpose of packing before purchasing it. You should always use sturdy packing boxes no matter how far you are going. If you are using low-quality material, chances are high. It will open from between even during loading.

Buy quality material and use it for the stuff it was meant for. For instance, if you are packing crockery, pack plastic around it first and then fit it into a box. During transit, they’ll be bumped around a bit, so making sure they’re well-padded will ensure they arrive intact.

Not Taking Help of Professional Removalists

It might seem tempting to pack everything by yourself, but it’s not that easy. People prefer to take help from their friends and family, but in most cases, they end up hurting themselves because, in the end, they are not skilled and appropriately equipped to lift heavy furniture.

That is why we recommend taking the help of a professional interstate removalists in Tasmania. They will make your moving journey easy and smooth.

Conclusion: Packing isn’t fun, but we can make it; follow the above-listed points to make your move stress-free. If you need more details, contact your nearby removalists.