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Whether you have an ancestral piano or play piano with a lot of enthusiasm, pianos make a lovely center point for any room they are in. Moving these heavy, fragile goods presents special difficulties that most people can’t overcome on their own.


Mooving Champs provides Gold Coast homeowners with a first-rate piano removal service at affordable prices since they are aware of the requirements involved in relocating pianos. We relocate all piano models, including uprights, pianolas, grand pianos, baby grand pianos, electronic pianos, and organs, from any Gold Coast suburb. When you hire our Piano Removalists in Gold Coast to relocate your piano, we only use the right tools to lift and move the piano. Once inside our appropriately outfitted vehicles, we tie-down and pad your piano using specifically made


The safe relocation of pianos necessitates years of training and hands-on expertise, making it difficult to locate a reputable and experienced piano removals service. You shouldn’t rely on a service that lacks the necessary tools or that employs staff that isn’t properly trained or doesn’t have the skills necessary to complete the task.


 Fortunately, with years of experience, Mooving Champs provides you with a secure and safe service with assurance of piece of mind. We always do it perfectly when you need pianos moved on the Gold Coast with the highest care.

The challenges of trying to move pianos without expert assistance…

For years, Mooving Champs has held the distinction of being the best piano movers on the Gold Coast. We are well aware of the difficulties that moving a piano presents and would strongly discourage anyone who lacks the necessary training and experience from taking on the task alone.


It goes without saying, but pianos are really hefty! The lightest and most maneuverable style of piano, the upright, typically weighs between 200 and 400 kg. With a grand piano, the light end can be increased to 300 kilograms, and the heavy end to 600 kg. Even in the absence of any other considerations, a piano’s weight alone necessitates the aid of trained piano movers.


The piano’s exceedingly uncomfortable design is the other issue with moving instruments of this type. The simplest to move are upright pianos, although even those have a top-heavy design that makes carrying one up or down stairs without at least four people perilous. Naturally, you don’t want your upright piano to fall over due to a lack of personnel to handle and catch it.


Grand pianos are far more challenging. Although they don’t have a top-heavy design like uprights do, they do have bulky, uneven designs that make it difficult to maneuver them up stairs, through doors, or through tight hallways. These are difficulties that piano movers like Mooving Champs are prepared to deal with.


No matter how complicated the transfer may be, Gold Coast musicians can rely on Mooving Champs, a team of expert piano movers, to move their priceless instrument safely.


Any instrument can be moved by us, and we can carry it to its new location carefully thanks to our expertise and tools

Move Your Piano Safely & Securely

There are many different types and sizes of pianos, so choosing a reputable mover is crucial if you want to transport your own piano securely and properly. It must be moved with the proper machinery. Make sure it has been tried and tested to ensure that it can support the weight and move in balance.


Your piano needs to be securely fastened when being moved, and a truck is the safest and most secure way to do it. With Mooving Champs on the Gold Coast, you’ll be working with a reputable Piano Removalists service in Gold Coast you can trust because they have more than 30 years of experience removing pianos, pool tables, and household goods.


Our professional team has all the right equipment and packing supplies to safely secure your piano and restrain it in our truck. Relocate your piano, completely trouble-free.

Piano Moving - Special Considerations

Pianos are challenging items to move for a number of reasons:

They weigh a great deal. The harp, a cast iron plate that secures the piano wires, is a crucial part of the instrument. One of the heaviest musical instruments is the piano because of the weight of the harp and the considerable timber frame it requires. A piano cannot be taken apart. Pianos must be moved exactly as they are; larger mattresses, couches, and dressers can frequently be disassembled.

The form of a piano is strange. A piano’s size and rigidity make it challenging to maneuver, especially in a smaller space or in areas with obstacles like steps, a gradient, narrow entrances, corners, or dog-leg stairs.

These instruments are quite fragile! Despite their size and weight, pianos are extremely fragile inside, and even a tiny bump or knock can lead to damage that could result in ugly chips and imperfections. Due to their fragility, handling them requires extreme caution. A piano cannot be rolled or overturned like more durable objects can.

Piano Moving - Special Considerations

In terms of instrumentation, pianos are known for their sensitive nature, their high cost, and their 

enormous weight. As a result, moving a piano from one location to another can be difficult, especially given the piano’s size, weight, and location. Our expert long-distance piano movers have compiled a comprehensive checklist to assist you with your piano move, which can make the process smoother and easier. Let’s take a look without further ado.

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