The Best Pool Table Removalists In Melbourne You Need

Are you moving to your new home in Melbourne? Do you want to relocate your pool table to your new residence? 


Since large pool tables are heavy, we understand that moving them requires much effort and time. To carefully move and relocate them, Mooving Champs is here with its knowledgeable and reputable pool table movers.


Being a reputable pool table mover in Melbourne, we provide cautious yet effective removals of pool tables. While the moving truck is in motion, our staff ensures your pool table is completely protected. Our team will also carefully unload it from the truck at your new address, maintaining the same condition.


You can trust Mooving Champs if you seek specialised pool table removal services in Melbourne. With our pool table movers in Melbourne, we are on call for you around the clock. Our experts have the movers and specialised tools to safely transport a pool table. We have sent thousands of pool tables around Melbourne. We offer a wealth of experience in moving services such as house and office moves, piano removal, a man with a van service, etc.

Why Should You Choose Our Pool Table Movers In Melbourne?

Being one of the top removal companies in Melbourne, Mooving Champs offers the best-in-class moving services for relocating your pool table. Our skilled Melbourne pool table movers offer reasonable pool table moving services and are constantly available to transport your pool table to its intended location. 

We ensure that your pool table will be transported quickly and without damage using specialised equipment, skilled movers, and packing materials.

  1. We Have The Best Team of Movers: Since our team has been handling pool and billiard tables for a while, they know that each table differs depending on its age and condition. When attempting to do it alone, you might not realise how the table is disassembled and reassembled due to the different methods used. We are the experts in this work and can relocate your pool table easily.
  2. Less or No Space For Mistakes: Our pool table movers fully know the value of accurately measuring pool table spaces. Sometimes the pool table ends up being too close to something else, which makes it impossible to use or fit properly. Our pool table removal team takes regular measurements to check for enough room in the new house for the table and players.
  3. We Are Insured Movers: Pool tables are huge, heavy, and delicate, much like pianos. They contain a few (and minor) components that can undoubtedly be damaged in transit. Our expert pool table movers are equipped with the proper techniques and insurance policies to ensure that you will be paid if something goes wrong or the pool table is damaged during transit or storage. 
  4. Reliable And Cost-Effective Solutions: If you want an affordable removalist who will take your pool table and assemble it at the new location, then Mooving Champs is the right choice. We have the ideal answer for you whether you need a household or commercial removal service. You can rely on our service for all your moving needs because we are one of Melbourne’s most skilled and affordable movers.
  5. Complete Services: Being the top moving company in Melbourne, we provide our clients with a range of moving services. We also assist you at every relocation stage, ensuring all your needs are met. We have a group of qualified experts who will carefully handle your items. Our reliable movers take great care to ensure that you move safely and securely.

Book Our Pool Table Removal Service Today

There is nothing that our professional movers cant do or assist you with. If you need a mover to move your heavy pool table, don’t forget to contact us. We will give you an estimate regardless of the pool table size. So why wait? Give us a call now!


FAQs On Pool Table Removalists In Melbourne

1. How can you easily move the pool table?

We are experts in the moving industry, so hiring us for your next pool table relocation can be one of your best decisions. If you want to spend money on wall bumpers and furniture sliders for protection, go for it. The table will be easier to transport if you can disassemble it, but remember to record the steps so you can reconstruct it where you want it. However, we recommend hiring our experts for a worry-free relocation journey.

2. How are you different from other removalists?

We take complete responsibility for the heavy lifting and the complete safety of your table. We offer specialised removal services that cover big products that need technical tools to be moved efficiently and securely. Your table will be properly packed, transported, and set up by our pool table removals team. When you book the relocation of your pool table, having the necessary information available will guarantee that everything goes smoothly.

3. What is the cost of moving a pool table?

Moving a pool table costs money. The amount of money it costs depends on many things. Moving a pool table inside your house with all of your possessions costs around $175 to $225. Simply moving the pool table inside your home would cost between $300 and $350. Moving it up to 30 minutes would cost between $380 and $480. It might cost between $450 and $550 to move it to a suburb one hour away. And it would cost between $714 and $1837 to move it from Melbourne to a community in rural Victoria. These are just estimates, not exact costs.

4. Can a pool table be moved without being disassembled?

Unfortunately, you cannot move a pool table in its exact shape. You have to disassemble it first for easy and safe relocation. Moving the pool table without disassembling it first could result in serious injury to you and damage to the table. Our movers know how to safely remove each part and relocate it again at the new location.

5. How long will it take for you to move the pool table?

The procedure is determined by the size of the pool table and the required travel distance. Even though we might not be able to provide an exact time estimate, you can learn an estimated amount of time this process might take by getting in touch with us.

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