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Your bathtub and spa must be moved when you move because they are an integral component of your home. The spa and bathtub are quite fragile and difficult to move about. A bathtub or spa must be moved with the assistance of a professional to prevent any harm from occurring. And you may find a team of skilled Spa removals Tasmania professionals at Mooving Champs.


Compared to other items in your home, the bathtub or spa are much more sensitive because the materials they are composed of are readily breakable if not treated properly. They make moving difficult because they are both heavy and delicate at the same time. That is why you need to employ a reputable mover who can ensure your safety and convenience. Since we have been in this industry for a while and have moved a variety of bathtubs and spa tubs of various shapes and sizes, sizes, and materials, our well-trained Spa Removalists In Tasmania can relocate your bathtub or spa from one location to another promptly.

When a specialised spa moving firm is involved, the challenging task of spa removal and disposal becomes virtually straightforward. The staff at Mooving Champs can plan and carry out every step of the spa removal process, including disassembling your unit and getting rid of any unnecessary parts.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Spa Removalist Sydney

Here is the list of bathtubs and Spa that we are experts in moving:

  • Air tub
  • Free Standing Tubs
  • Walk-in Tubs
  • Whirlpool Tubs
  • Soaking Tubs
  • Alcove Bathtubs
  • Corner Bathtubs
  • Rationally Molded Spa Tubs
  • Swim or Exercise Spa tubs
  • Portable Spa Tubs
  • Ground Spa Tubs, and more.

Since we are accessible around-the-clock, we offer you bathtub removalist services whenever you need them. Simply give us a call, and we’ll arrive at your door. We have simplified the process for you by carefully selecting things like excellent service, prompt service, qualified movers, reasonable costs, safety, and other factors. To use our expert Spa removalists’ service in Tasmania, phone us and request a free quote.


The procedure of moving a bathtub or spa is time-consuming and involves multiple steps. As a result, it also needs careful planning and the assistance of experts to carry it out effectively. The safety of your bathtub or spa is guaranteed by hiring a professional, and relocating is quick and easy without any hazards or damages. We’ve made this simple for you by offering excellent services at low prices while maintaining the caliber of our services. For your satisfaction, we offer you the best services up to moving.


The procedure of moving a bathtub or spa is not particularly simple, so we have broken it down into sections to make it simpler to explain and carry out with one hand. The procedure we employ is described below:


  • Draining your bathtub or spa fully to facilitate the dislocation process is the first and most important step. You must totally turn off the water supply to the bathtub/spa before moving so that our movers can rapidly empty the bathtub of all its water on the moving day. We’ll use rubber pipes to drain the water from your bathtub or spa.
  • The second step is to remove all of the bathtub/hardware spa’s after the water has been drained. It’s time to take out your tub’s drains and faucet. These can be taken out in any order, but our bathtub movers find that working their way down from the top is the most effective. With the use of a screwdriver, our bathtub movers will separate the faucet from its mounting, and they will next carefully remove the handles that are holding the faucet in place. After removing the hardware, they use a tool knife to cut through the tiles surrounding the bathtub before simply removing and moving the bathtub/spa from its location.
  • Your bathtub or spa should be quickly moved, and then it must be properly packaged to prevent any damage during the move. By carefully packing the bathtub/spa in top-notch packing material, our removalists make sure of it. To carefully cover the tub and prevent it from jarring during transit, we utilize heavy-duty blankets, good quality foam sheets, or packing materials of the highest quality.
  • Because the bathtub/spa is so big and heavy, it’s important to clear the halls and front door so that they can get to the truck without becoming caught. It requires careful planning in advance for it. Dollies are used to carefully load it onto the truck after it has been safely carried there. Ramps are also used to quickly and easily load the bathtub into the truck. And speaking of the trucks, they are tailored and move well. For moving purposes, especially for the security of delicate items like bathtubs and spas, we maintain them tidy and comfortable.
  • Because of the way we execute it, it appears effortless when you watch us dislocate, carry, and dislocate the bathtub or spa. This is due to how easy and proficiently our spa removals go through the process.

A professional and trustworthy moving company is usually a good option because they save you a lot of time, provide the greatest services, and do it without causing any harm or damage.

Why Choose Our Bathtub/Spa Removalists in Tasmania?

One of the most reputable and trustworthy moving businesses in Tasmania, Australia, is Mooving Champs. We are the most well-known and frequently used removalists brand in all of Australia because to our years of dedication and passion for providing the greatest service to our clients. All of our cleaners and movers uphold integrity and dedication to their work. In addition, the following factors should influence your decision to hire our bathtub removalists to successfully remove your tub or spa:


Door-to-door Service: We handle the entire removal and installation of your big, hefty bathtub. When you hire our skilled spa removalists, they will take care of your transfer without adding to your stress. Everyone is appropriately trained and organized for the task. Mooving Champs offers a complete end-to-end bathtub removal service. We will handle everything for you, including disassembling, packing, and reassembling.


Economical Rate: Few moving firms provide bathtub or spa removal services. As a bathtub or spa is an expensive item that requires careful care while being moved from one location to another, many businesses that provide this service charge hefty prices. However, we provide affordable moving services in Tasmania that are suitable for all budgets. We do not sacrifice the caliber of our work in order to be a cost-effective service provider. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best removal services at fair costs.


Removalists with training and experience are required because moving a bathtub or spa is a difficult operation. Because of this, we have built a capable and skilled team of movers who have years of expertise transporting bathtubs and spas. Nearly 1000 spa and tub removals have been completed successfully and carefully by our team of bathtub removalists.

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